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Welcome to Antargyan Cloudworks

At Antargyan we aim to bring you on digital platform, let you grow beyond the boundaries of classroom, unleash the power of your teaching to maximum number of learners.You are in the field of teaching which is such a noble and important profession, but unfortunately you have limited time to teach to limited students, because of which lot of students are not able to get the teachings from you and you are not able to increase your teaching range in the time you have, we want to work along with you to increase your teaching base to more and more students.

So be part of this this Digital Movement that too free and without any initial investment.

What We Offer

Recordshield - Video Piracy Protection


RecordShield is a secure Video Encryption and Distribution platform that enables users to send Videos/Contents to the targeted audience with view time restrictions and helps stop piracy.

OMR App - Optical Mark Reader


OMR App is an application developed for teachers and institutes to auto check the multiple choice exam papers. The OMR app developed by Antargyan is fast, Accurate, Robust and Portable.

LMS Pro - Learning Management System


Have a strong web presence and harness the advent of technology in education by using our Unique Learning Management System. Our LMS facilitates your students with a powerful tool which will help them improve the way they study. It will also be a great tool to market yourself to reach your target effectively.

Bunk Lectures - Marketplace for CA Video Lecture

Bunk Lectures

Bunk lectures is marketplace which allows educators to make their teaching reach millions of learners across the globe, it will make whole world your classroom. Bunk Lectures is an e-commerce platform which sales the courses online offered by you. Bunk lectures digitally markets you as a faculty, get rid of technical hassles to maintain your own website, payment gateway, order management reporting.

Ecommerce - Application Development


Looking to sell your products online? Antargyan can assist you in getting your own e-commerce portal up and running. We offer a powerful e-commerce application which is a feature-rich which can help you go online in less than a weeks’ time.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Everyone loves to reach its targeted customer who is looking for the product/service offered by you, we offer a comprehensive digital marketing services which will make you reach your right audience. Antargyan has a specialized team who absorbs your sales cycle and creates an online marketing strategy that will help you create easy, engaging experience.



Antargyan has a mix of Technical and creative experts to create software products and solutions to increase the bottom line of our customs. We understand that you want to focus more on the teaching and the teaching content hence we are proposing a partnership to take care of not only securing and distributing the content but also promote the brand and get involved in marketing and sales to increase your revenue.