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Messaging is considered the most crucial application for any business today. If we are migrating your email platform, we help you to lower your business risk. We provide reliable email migration consulting and implementation services available for your migration project.

Our email migration activity covers the following process:

1. Consolidation: Its carried out to consolidate multiple email accounts in a single account. (e.g. after seperation of any employee, archives, etc.)

2. Back up: Email migration can be done for back-up or preserving data. This is also done for assurance of legal compliance.

3. Coexistence: Its also done for evaluation purpose. (e.g. During Migration Pilots, Buffer Allocation, etc)

4. Upgrade: The email migration is also done to facilitate upgrades. (e.g. implementation of a newer email client or new version.)

5. Security: The process is performed if the security of existing email provider is compromised or in case of too many junk/spam emails.

We are a team of young, skilled migration consultants available to work on dynamic global projects. Our consulting services are personalized for your email migration project.

We offer independent consulting services direct to the customer, or through a channel partner. Our overheads are minimal, which allows us to offer competitive rates for our services.

Contact us today to discuss your email migration requirements or get a quote.