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If you have a business, you must get traction for it. And to generate traction, there is a process associated.

Now, the question arises, WHY?
Why to follow the process? Can we shift this in later business phases?

The answer is pretty simple. It's not overnight, you will see you have generated a very big business, the same way, this process has to be followed in order to achieve your own NEXT Step. You might end up not having any later phases, if you miss this. So, the only way to get around it is, to get through it.

Any person mentioning, recommending, informing others, or talking about your products is a part of marketing or promotion.

The other major question arises is,
Is branding really required for my business? Even when I am a small player?

If your company wants to sell any product or service, this is all that matters and nothing else matters that much. You can't sell the products or services if people are not aware of them. Now, the process to make them aware is doing "Promotion". A productive promotion's outcome would surely be a renowned product or service.

Then how is it different from marketing?
Marketing is simply just the positioning of a product or service. Marketing does the job of actual conversion. By "Promotion", people will get acquainted, literate and aware about your business, so, once the market place is ready. However, Marketing will position your product or service to the right place in target audience’s opinions. Marketing will generate the need for the people.

What we do?
Helping you, with the best possible applications of digital media and the right consulting, we will make sure you achieve good promotion and marketing at best rates.

If you are able to invest in marketing what you get from promotion, it will bring more money back to you with a lot of business.

This way, we will help you design campaigns in a way that the expenses spent on it will be produced back.

The next phase is the Public Relations. Public relations is something need to be done once you are successfully been able to sell your products or services.

So the process goes like following ;

1. Web Presence
2. Promotion
3. Marketing
4. Public Relations
5. Branding

First create your online presence, promote your business online, position your products or services, serve them to your clients and then maintain your relationship with public.

When should we go ahead with Branding?
After promotions, once your product or service is well known, we suggest branding. To make sure that your product or service is well positioned in the peoples opinions, the last step to be done is branding. If any of the above first 4 steps went wrong, we don´t suggest to go ahead with branding as you can also end up with wrong brand opinion.