TestEase – Pain Free Exam System
TestEase – Pain Free Exam System

“TestEase – Pain Free Exam System” is one of the most effective solutions that will help you as a teacher to manage exams seamlessly. This software includes modules with best features which helps teachers in concentrating more on teaching and reduce administrative tasks.


TestEase includes various advantages mainly but not limited to the below,

  • Easy and Efficient: Manage your courses in a never before efficient way. Organize your Course, Subjects and Topics by adding, deleting and modifying them without any restrictions.

  • Single Repository: Arrange your course materials (e.g. presentations, Documents and Questions) in a easy to access proper format.

  • Reusability: Create your own question bank, to choose your questions as per difficulty level, topics, type, etc for creating exam papers.

  • On Click Processing: Generate your exam papers automatically with unique set of questions from question bank every single time.

  • Traceability: Keep track of all exam papers created.

  • Ease of Use: OMR/OCR based paper checking system to quickly check papers and create results on the go.

  • Integrity: Communicate the results to students/parents via sms or email.

  • Management: Manage student details, class, division, student attendance, etc and also send the attendance sms if required.

Who can use?

Automation of the complete exam system can be achieved by the use of teachers from coaching classes, various educational institutions, universities, etc.

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 8 and above.

Minimum Hardware requirements: Dual core