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Have a strong web presence and harness the advent of technology in education by using our Unique Learning Management System. Our LMS facilitates your students with a powerful tool which will help them improve the way they study. It will also be a great tool to market yourself to reach your target effectively.


Course Management

  • Manage multiple courses, with facility of add/edit/delete details at minutest level like courses, Classes, Subjects and Topics.
  • Add syllabus details include subject/Topic weightage, Exam patterns, Priority, Reference material and much more.

Exam Paper

  • Create auto exam paper by selecting number of questions, difficulty level, subject, topic of your choice.
  • Create exam paper with questions of your choice.
  •  Create exam paper templates (Patterns) to create exam paper automatically based on exam pattern.
  • Modify questions in auto generated exam paper.
  •  Keep track of all the exam papers created.
  • Assign exam paper to individual student or group of students from a batch or class.

Institute Management

  • Manage institute information.
  •  Add multiple institute branches and assign branch admin.
  • Add batches/divisions at each of the branch along with batch schedule, Teacher in charge, fees and students in the batch.

Role Management

  • Create various role like student, Teacher, Parent, Institute admin, branch admin and public.
  • Allow access rights to each role, e.g. assign subjects to teacher and provide access to data of that subject only

Theory (Subjective) Exam Paper Checking

  •  Semi automate theory exam paper checking system.
  • Allow students or admin to upload the written exam answer sheet (scanned) in LMS again any particular exam.
  •  Assign the exam paper to teacher to check it online.
  •  Allow teacher to view scanned exam paper online and allow to put in marks for each question.
  • Get instant results of theory exam papers.
  • Keep data of all the scanned exam papers in digital format.

Enquiry and Admission Management

  • Manage online and over the counter enquiries by the students for various courses.
  • Keep track of enquiry status, follow up dates and follow up status.
  • Create consolidated report of enquiries and conversion rates.
  • Admission module to provide admission to students to a batch or class.
  • Keep track of fees paid, option to add installment. Get notification about pending fees, Send notification to students or Parents.

Reports and Analysis

  • Get individual students reports for specific exam paper/Test.
  • Get full class report with indicators like average score, Highest score, lowest score, Top mistakes, Top correct and much more.
  • Get report cards of students for exam like unit test, half yearly exam, annual exam or any other exam.  Export the reports in excel, pdf or any other printable format.