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Faculty:CA Niraj Mahajan Duration: 80 Hours
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IndexChapterLecture NameTime Length
101 IntroductionInter Law 1 Introduction1:15:50
Inter Law 2 Introduction1:41:15
202 Other Laws--> 1_TheIndianContractAct1872Cainterlaw Contract 1 Indemnityandguarantee1:26:03
Cainterlaw Contract 2 Indemnityandguarantee1:33:54
Cainterlaw Contract 3 Indemnityandguarantee1:12:09
Cainterlaw Contract 4 Bailmentandpledge1:16:29
Cainterlaw Contract 5 Bailmentandpledge1:19:36
Cainterlaw Contract 6 Bailmentandpledge1:19:21
Cainterlaw Contract 7 Bailmentandpledge Agency1:30:32
Cainterlaw Contract 8 Agency1:21:00
Cainterlaw Contract 9 Agency1:15:52
Cainterlaw Contract 10 Agency Negotiable Intro1:29:19
302 Other Laws--> 2_TheNegotiableInstrumentsAct1881Cainterlaw Negotiable 1 Intro1:29:19
Cainterlaw Negotiable 2 Promissorynotes Boe1:05:00
Cainterlaw Negotiable 3 Promissorynotes Cheque1:17:54
Cainterlaw Negotiable 4 Otherrelatedconcepts1:22:36
Cainterlaw Negotiable 5 Negotiationindorsement Hdc1:10:23
Cainterlaw Negotiable 6 Classification Dateofmaturity1:17:21
Cainterlaw Negotiable 7 Chequedishonour1:22:54
Cainterlaw Negotiable 8 Dischargefromliability1:22:06
Cainterlaw Negotiable 9 Noticeofdishonour Notingprotesting1:03:40
Cainterlaw Negotiable 10 Accepanceforhonour1:28:37
402 Other Laws---> 3_TheGeneralClausesAct1897Generalclausesact 1 Introductiontogca1:30:54
Generalclausesact 2 Application Basics1:22:16
Generalclausesact 3 Rules Powerfunctionaries Misc1:03:39
502 Other Laws--> 4_Interpretation of StatutesDeeds DocumentsCainterlaw Interpretation 1 Introduction1:24:21
Cainterlaw Interpretation 2 Construction Aids0:56:52
Cainterlaw Interpretation 3 Primaryrulesintro0:53:01
Cainterlaw Interpretation 4 Primaryrules Continued1:04:22
Cainterlaw Interpretation 5 Ejusdem Secondaryrules0:15:58
Cainterlaw Interpretation 6 Secondaryrules Interalaids0:51:33
Cainterlaw Interpretation 7 Externalaids Deedsinterpretation0:37:41
603 Company LawCompaniesact 1 Chp1 Intro Definitions1:18:07
Companiesact 2 Chp1 Intro Definitions Chp2 Incorporation1:25:34
Companiesact 3 Chp2 Formation Moa Aoa1:11:18
Companiesact 4 Chp2 Alterationtomoaaoa Rectificationofname1:04:31
Companiesact 5 Chp2 Registeredoffice Indoormanagement1:30:26
Companiesact 6 Chp3 Prospectus Start Shelfprospectus1:20:44
Companiesact 7 Chp3 Rhprospectus Advt1:07:50
Companiesact 8 Chp3 Mis-stementinprospectus Privateplacement1:15:15
Companiesact 9 Chp4 Sharecapitalintro Variationofrights0:52:03
Companiesact 10 Chp4 Calls&incidentalmatters Premium Discount0:50:09
Companiesact 11 Chp4 Regstrationoftransfer Rightissue Alterationtocapital0:59:42
Companiesact 12 Chp5 Deposits Chp6 Registerofcharge Intimationofappointment1:18:37
Companiesact 13 Chp6end&revision Chp7 Mgmt&admn Registers1:09:22
Companiesact 14 Chp7 Mgmt&admn Register Annualreturn Explanatorynote1:15:18
Companiesact 15 Chp7 Mgmt&admn Proxies Quorum Demandforpoll1:06:42
Companiesact 16 Chp7 Mgmt&admn Postalballot Specialnotice1:25:31
Companiesact 17 Chp7 Mgmt&admn Sec1111:08:51
Companiesact 18 Chp8 Dividend Unpaiddividendaccount End1:24:58
Companiesact 19 Chp9 Accountofcompanies Consolidation0:49:24
Companiesact 20 Chp9 Financialstatements Csr1:36:29
Companiesact 21 Chp9 Reopeningoffinancials Nfra Csr0:54:53
Companiesact 22 Chp10 Audit&auditors Removalofauditor1:14:39
Companiesact 23 Chp10 Audit&auditors Remuneration Costauditor1:40:23
704 Inter Law Revision--> 1.CA INTER LAW_CONTRACTACT_REVISIONCainterlaw Revision Contractact1:13:49
804 Inter Law Revision--> 2.CA INTER LAW_NEGOTIABLEINSTRUMENT_REVISIONCainterlaw Revision Negotiableinstrumentsact2:14:34
904 Inter Law Revision--> 3.CA INTER LAW_GENERALCLAUSESACT&INTERPRETATION_REVISIONGeneralclauses&interpretation Revision1:27:26
1004 Inter Law Revision--> 4.CA INTER LAW_COMPANYLAW_REVISIONCainterlaw Companylawrevision Part11:59:58
Cainterlaw Companylawrevision Part21:52:59
Cainterlaw Companylawrevision Part31:23:35
Cainterlaw Companylawrevision Part41:42:29