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Faculty:CA Amit Tated Duration:87 Hours Validity : 12 Months Cost For USB: Rs.14499
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Video Lectures for CA Final ISCA ( Hindi Version-Old Syllabus )

Important Instructions

  • The videos in the pen drive are recorded in May 2017 and are applicable for all the exams from May 2018 onwards.
  • The product includes one 32 GB pen drive and ISCA book.
  • The product has validity of 1 year from the date of registration.
  • The individual video lecture can be opened and played maximum 10 times.
  • The video can be watched 1.5 times the length of video, the total time of the video is sum of you watch time.
  • The video will not be played once you exhause your views or watch time.
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Syllabus ISCA Version 3.0

ISCA Day 1 Part 1.mp401:29:58
ISCA Day 1 Part 2.mp400:50:38
ISCA Day 2 Part 1.mp401:34:59
ISCA Day 2 Part 2.mp400:51:40
ISCA Day 3 Part 1.mp401:44:25
ISCA Day 3 Part 2.mp400:48:05
ISCA Day 4 Part 1.mp401:35:31
ISCA Day 4 Part 2.mp400:57:40
ISCA Day 5 Part 1.mp401:46:17
ISCA Day 5 Part 2.mp401:07:50
ISCA Day 6 Part 1.mp401:40:31
ISCA Day 6 Part 2.mp400:51:53
ISCA Day 7.mp401:41:41
ISCA Day 8 Part 1.mp401:54:56
ISCA Day 8 Part 2.mp400:29:18
ISCA Day 9 Part 1.mp401:40:45
ISCA Day 9 Part 2.mp401:51:33
ISCA Day 10 Part 1.mp401:35:58
ISCA Day 10 Part 2.mp401:04:27
ISCA Day 11 Part 1.mp401:41:52
ISCA Day 11 Part 2.mp401:05:53
ISCA Day 12 Part 1.mp401:31:05
ISCA Day 12 Part 2.mp401:03:56
ISCA Day 13 Part 1.mp401:22:04
ISCA Day 13 Part 2.mp401:15:21
ISCA Day 14 Part 1.mp401:31:31
ISCA Day 14 Part 2.mp400:55:52
ISCA Day 15 Part 1.mp401:50:52
ISCA Day 15 Part 2.mp401:07:15
ISCA Day 16 Part 1.mp402:00:33
ISCA Day 16 Part 2.mp401:56:02
ISCA Day 17 Part 1.mp401:44:07
ISCA Day 17 Part 2.mp401:08:26
ISCA Day 18.mp402:39:51
ISCA Day 19 Part 1.mp401:43:03
ISCA Day 19 Part 2.mp401:13:44
ISCA Day 20 Part 1.mp401:34:54
ISCA Day 20 Part 2.mp401:29:24
ISCA Day 21 Part 1.mp401:39:49
ISCA Day 21 Part 2.mp401:16:34
ISCA Day 22 Part 1.mp401:40:10
ISCA Day 22 Part 2.mp402:04:08
ISCA Day 23 Evening Part 1.mp401:59:49
ISCA Day 23 Evening Part 2.mp401:27:59
ISCA Day 24 Part 1.mp401:43:07
ISCA Day 24 Part 2.mp401:11:58
ISCA Day 25 Part 1.mp401:48:40
ISCA Day 25 Part 2.mp401:04:52
ISCA Day 26 Part 1.mp401:32:48
ISCA Day 26 Part 2.mp401:20:56
ISCA Day 27 Part 1.mp401:41:06
ISCA Day 27 Part 2.mp400:58:40
ISCA Day 28 Part 1.mp401:43:55
ISCA Day 28 Part 2.mp401:26:53
ISCA Day 29 Part 1.mp401:55:31
ISCA Day 29 Part 2.mp402:01:29
ISCA Day 30 Part 1.mp401:40:16
ISCA Day 30 Part 2.mp403:38:03
ISCA Day 31 Part 1.mp401:48:12
ISCA Day 31 Part 2.mp401:25:10
ISCA Day 31 Part 3.mp401:14:07
ISCA Day 32 Part 1.mp401:44:48
ISCA Day 32 Part 2.mp402:40:58